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Fresh soup and sheet music in Saint Louis

At Ranell's Cafe, we like to say that people come in for the fresh soup and sheet music! It's our way of saying that we are not only committed to having a great menu, but we love our musical atmosphere too. The combination of sensory offerings here is something truly different. Come in for the food, and stay for the music! Learn more about our business model below, and drop by in person to experience what it's like first hand. We love to have new visitors.
Microphone in jazz club

Jazz music

One of the things that we're known for is the jazz music that plays in our establishment. We're jazz lovers to the core, and we tend to attract customers that appreciate this music style as well! Come in for a listen, and have a meal or snack while you unwind.

About us

Ranell's Cafe is a family owned and operated restaurant, and because of that, we take exceptional pride in the service we give our customers. We want everyone to enjoy their experience here, and we source our ingredients from quality places, so the food is fresh and tasty.


One of the reasons people keep coming back to our restaurant time and time again is the fact that we have been around for about a decade now. We've got some menu items that have become favorites around here. Come in and see for yourself what 10+ years of being in the business looks like - and tastes like!


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